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Recent reports on cycling in Pakistan, crossing from Iran

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Recent reports on cycling in Pakistan, crossing from Iran

We are now in Iran and want to cross Pakistan. If we manage to get a Visa, that is (my partner has a Taiwan passport, seems a bit harder), we are thinking about getting in there over Belutschistan border. Does anyone have recent reports from cyclists going this route? Maybe other means of transportation are also fine, as long as they are passing this region (Belutschistan). I am aware this region is kind of dangerous, just wanted to get a recent picture. We didn't decide yet and might not go this route in the end, but it's good to get some more recent information. Thanks for any hint. Cheers, Ruben

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The most recent information

The most recent information (last week) is attacks carried out by the local separatists. The violence of the region is still alive.

No tourer has been permitted to cycle there alone for years. Historically, cyclists were allowed to cycle with an armed escort. However, after Spanish cyclist Javier Colorado’s armed escort was attacked in 2014, the touring community has often felt it would be inappropriate to try to cycle, because you would be putting local people (with wives and children) at risk for your hobby. So, the most recommended advice now is to just put your bike on a bus that will take you all the way across Balochistan.

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