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Michigan-Davenport-St Louis-Montana

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Michigan-Davenport-St Louis-Montana

I'm one day from Davenport Iowa on the Hennepin Canal Trail. I've been traveling for 8 or 9 days. I'm planning to follow the Mississippi River south to St Louis and then roughly the Missouri River close to the source in Montana. I'm using a 26" my & BOB trailer. 

People keep telling me to check out Warm Showers. I'm already out traveling and didn't do it until now. My (SRAM) rear derailleur is a bit broken. I'm gonna need to change it and the chain. 

I'm either going to the Pacific Ocean after Montana or back toward Michigan through northern states. I carry a Garmin tracker that updates every ten minutes when moving. I also post to Facebook every day with pictures Scott Hite from Kalamazoo. 

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