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Cycling the Danube Vienna to Black Sea

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Cycling the Danube Vienna to Black Sea

Me and my partner Helen will be cycling eurovelo route 6 along the Danube from 19 August to end of September this year. We are average cyclists... this is our first  go at a big route like this.

Are any warmshower members along this route who would be willing to host, let us put up our tent or offer us a cup of tea? 

If so it would be good to hear from you. If anyone has information about campsites, hostels or cycling this route that would also be very helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you. All replies gratefully appreciated. Happy cycling!

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Almost no WarmShowers hosts

Almost no WarmShowers hosts read the WarmShowers forum. So, if you want to find places to stay during your tour, you will need to write requests individually to the hosts you see on the map.

There is plenty of cheap accommodation all along the Eurovelo 6. It is not a particularly adventurous, exotic route, so don’t worry too much about planning. You will meet other cyclists frequently, sometimes coming in the opposite direction, so you can ask them where they have stayed recently.

Serbia’s tourism body produces a free map of the Danube route within Serbia. Try to get it from a tourism information office as soon as you cross the border.

The B&Bs or hostels in the small towns along the route will generally be bike-friendly. However, in large cities like Budapest and Beograd, you should e-mail any hostel in advance to ask about bike storage before you make a booking. I know, for example, that the Diablo hostel in Beograd does not allow bikes at all, because the other tenants of the building did not want cyclists coming up the stairs with bikes and scuffing the walls.

Finally, you should initially ride the Bulgarian side of the Danube, not the Romanian side. In general, Romania is a great country for cycling and not as poor as the stereotype may have it. However, all of Romania’s great cycling is in the hilly or mountainous rest of the country. Since Eurovelo routes were plotted mainly with pensioners and families with children in mind, the Eurovelo 6 in Romania goes through the one area of the country that is consistently flat, However, that flat region is dull and dirt-poor countryside and, after the border town of Calafat, it has nothing of cultural interest for days.

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This information has been

This information has been very helpful, thank you

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