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2020 early March Singapore to Europe

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2020 early March Singapore to Europe

I'm 31 from New Zealand. Looking at starting in early March 2020 so plenty of time to prepare, starting in Singapore then Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China is the plan so far then into the stans*, Iran, Turkey and then Europe.

First time doing a long tour, so will be starting of reasonably slow till I get the rhythm. Will be going solo however happy to find some people to join.

Prefer free camping and every 4-5 days getting a place to clean up. warm showers, splitting the cost on paid camping, hotel, guesthouse.

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Hi Josh

leaving Europe in March. Unfortunately in the opposite direction. Think a meetup in Central Asia could be possible.

Eastern part of Turkey can be tough and tricky. Highly recommend to cross Armenia and Georgia.

Take care.

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Hi Peter thanks for the heads

Hi Peter thanks for the heads up, my list actually does include Armenia and Georgia so I may go through there instead. And yeah could well meetup somewhere along the way.

Will keep in touch when I'm heading off.


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Hi Josh,

Hi Josh,

I'm interested in joining you if it's possible. I'm currently in Beijing but I can also start from Singapore or Padang in Indonesia (my hometown). Your cycling profile seems to match mine so I think I can be a good company. I'm very open as to where the wheels take me and I hope my savings can allow me stay on the road for quite a while.  My email is, hit me up there!

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I might be interested as well

I might be interested as well!

Planning to go to Indonesia beginning of November and to stay there for about 4-5 months, after that - no idea, but cycling back to Europe sounds tempting. Will have my camping gear with me, but no bicycle. Besides, I'm not good cyclist, and got no clue about bicycle repairs.

So, if someone could help me getting a decent bike (no need to be something posh and fancy) in Indonesia - count me in.

Would be good if you share your more detailed plans, especially the living costs, I'm afraid I need lots of visas for the Asian countries despite being an EU citizen.