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Cycling Czech Republic !!

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Cycling Czech Republic !!

Hi everyone,

Just a short post to tell you I've been cycling thru Czech Republic last summer during 3 weeks with my buddy Carl. I had not much informations about this country's biking infrastructure, but I can only say that it is one of the best place to cycle in Europe. I've been thru Germany, Danemark, Holland, France and Corsica and CZR has an amazing web of cycling paths and routes. Plus, you have access to dozens of castles and some of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage locations.

Most of all, once out of Prague, the prices are unbelievably low for either food or lodging. Don't even bother to bring camping gear, you can find accomodations between 10$ and 25$ CAN (per person) !!!

Be sure to cycle thru the south part of CZR, from the Sumava mountains thru Znojmo in wine country. The border region with Austria has the most beautiful rides (with bunkers from the WWII !!).

Just email me if you want some more informations. You will not regret a cycling trip to Czech Republic... And guys, I haven't said a word about the czech women... ouchhh !

Na zdravi !


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Czech Touring


Sounds too good to be true. I may head to the Czech Rep. this summer. May start in Austria and head toward Prague by a scenic route.

Have sent you an email with some questions.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Czech Republic

We are planning to cycle Europe this summer and a part of our plan is to cycle the Elbe River from its source through the Czech Republic and down as far as Hamburg. Did you go up into the mountains to the north east of Prague?
Barry and Jannine

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