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"cycling" by boat from Serbia to Hungary

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"cycling" by boat from Serbia to Hungary

We are currently, slowly, making our way west on the Eurovelo 6, now in southern Romania and thinking of doing a section by boat, but finding it very hard to find any information.  The only options seem to be very expensive, pre-booked, long-distance tourist boats with a set itinerary.

If anyone has any information about boats between Belgrade and Novi Sad and/or Budapest or similar, please let me know!



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There are no ordinary

There are no ordinary passenger ferries between the two countries. The only such boats are expensive cruises.

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Iron gates

Hi, don't know anything about boats, but if you are in South of Romania I would highly recommend crossing over to Serbia and cycling the Iron Gates section of the Danube which forms the Romania / Serbia border. From Kladovo to Golubac. Just google the map. You can head up to Hungary that way too. Enjoy your ride.

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The Romanian side?

Why wouldn't you cycle the Romanian side?  I heardt Serbian side is much busier and also has a lot of long tunnels. The Romanian side is apparently a lot quieter and nicer riding - also less hilly.

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The few tunnels on the

The few tunnels on the Serbian side of the Iron Gates are not a problem for cyclists, nor is there very much traffic – and what little traffic there is, knows to watch out for cyclists.

And yes, the Serbian side is a little hilly, but that is a good thing, because the road rises up to some impressive views of the river gorge. I have cycled this route twice, and both times met plenty of elderly people and very casual tourers, and they did not find the route challenging.

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Iron gates

I am not opposed tp you cycling on the Romanian side. I only suggested going over to the Serbian side as that was the side we did and I could only give view of my first hand experince of the Serbian side. I thought it was very beautiful and don't remember the tunnels or the traffic being too bad at all. Hope you enjoy whichever side you choose ;-)

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Romanian side

Thanks everyone for your comments and sorry for the delayed response - not much time to get online!

We did the Romanian side in the end, though that included getting a lift between Drobeta and Orsova, at the insistence of our warmshowers host - it's a pretty unpleasant little stretch!

The Romanian side after Orsova was lovely, pretty quiet, mostly very good roads, few hills and wonderful views.  Highly recommended!