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Help me build the ultimate list of countries for touring.

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Help me build the ultimate list of countries for touring.

Hi everyone,

Recently I've been trying to figure out where my next bike tour will be, and after scouring blogs and forum posts I've realised how helpful it would be to have a community ranked list of countries and how they compare for bike touring. Like IMDb or Nomadlist, but for touring.

I've created a simple spreadsheet to get started, and would love your help filling it out. Everyone on here has a lot more touring experience than me!

Google Sheet here


The main things are to rate how enjoyable each country is to tour (doing your best to ignore cost as budgets can range so wildly between people), and how safe the roads felt to ride on. My rating system is a bit clunky to allow multiple people to rate each country, but hopefully works for now.


My future plans are to combine this with some public data, especially weather trends into a simple website where people can filter and search countries, and have a jumping off point when planning a tour. I might also need to look at breaking down countries into regions or similar. One rating for the whole of the USA doesn't make much sense.

Would love to hear and feedback or thoughts you have.

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good idea but

very difficult 

I think you have a bad experience in germany 

because after 3 cycle tours I also found german people friendly with cyclists ( if you follows the road rule ...) 

For country as australia  it is difficult : cycling in tasmania ( quite good safety) is not the same that on the great ocean road ( bad road safety) and melbourne subbubs ( catastrophic) ... 

same for thailand between bangkok and the country side ..

I plan a raod trip in kora and I read EVRYTHING from very good bike country to bad ( road safety outside the cycle path , food , people and communication) 


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I agree it's difficult to

I agree it's difficult to generalise, but I think with enough votes from different people it will provide an interesting measure of average perception.

So even though my touring in Germany was a little dull (it was a short trip, I was solo and I accidentally chose a boring route), if other people rate it 5/5 then the average ranking will be a better reflection of it :). It is hard though, everytime I tour a country I think it's the best place ever (even Germany at the time) it's only on reflection that I decided I preferred touring other countries!

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I met a German cyclists when

I met a German cyclist when I was at Tolhuin, Tiera del Fuego in March 2015, that is 4 years ago....  he is still riding in Argentina today! 

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Please stop this meetoo mindset

I have travelled a few European countries with bad as well as good experiences in the same country.

Next to that I love travelling to be surprised and meet unknown people based on my personal sound skeptical awareness.

You can rate any country fine or awfull depending on your preferences or individual experience. 

I met a down to earth German who had travelled really remote areas who wouldn't visit my country (Denmark) again on bicycle..simply because he had to deal with a windy stretch in a dull landscape.

I've never had any issues travelling this road, as well as 1 000 of locals heading for daily work. 

There's several sites and communities where your plan is long realised.

This forum is about sleeping places, not personal judgement of countries. 

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Hi Lars, I didn't intend for

Hi Lars, I didn't intend for this to come off as passing judgement on different countries. Although, maybe I need to rethink whether providing an overall rating is appropriate.

My goal was more to create something that would make it easier for people to decide on the best destination for them, based on their current needs. For example, maybe a country with good bike shops and nice weather for those people who are nervous about doing their first bike tour.

I definitely hope that it could act as a guide rather than a simple judgement ranking.

I appreciate your feedback though, very understandable and it's good to get an idea of how people in the community feel about it.

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just try to list items such as

* wild camping possible and easy 

* price ( camping , guesthouse , food) and even it is difficult  if you leave in swisserland you can find norway cheap but if you leave in estonia you will find as very expensive 

* easy to find food 

* easy to communicate 

* cycle path network  or road with car 

* easy to take public transport : train or bus with bike 


just information and no rate as somethings good for you could by bad for me 

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