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Oregon/Northern California Route Advice Needed ASAP (Thanks...)

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Oregon/Northern California Route Advice Needed ASAP (Thanks...)

Greetings. I'd planned and (kinda/sorta) mostly charted a general route from where Amtrak dumps me--in Klamath Falls, Oregon--on my way to a conference in Davis, CA, which I need to make in eight days. 

I've gotten conflicting advice about routes (for example, one person loves Route 97 from Klamath Falls through Dorris, while a friend who drove it recently said it was a "nasty, nasty road"). Go figure. I've considered 39 to 139 from Klamath, but services are slim.

I've toured a lot in the past (the distance past) and while I'm stubborn and have good equipment (but am not bringing a stove, maybe a sleeping bag & tent), California's Central Valley is looking very, very toasty (above 100 degrees).

So, I wondered what others thought (and, yes, have spoken to some nice/helpful folks on Warmshowers. It does seem like a few in Redding are going to coast when I am bicycling past them. (Maybe that's a clue).

Also, am thinking of getting off the train sooner, in Eugene, and somehow getting to Medford from there (not by bus) and closer to the ocean then down until SF, where I have family and then train to Davis.

Unfortunately, I've got to do this quickly (my train leaves this Monday, June 17) and thoughtfully.

I'd welcome ALL your thoughts!



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