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Eurovelo 6 updates Budapest-Belgrade

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Eurovelo 6 updates Budapest-Belgrade

Hi there, I am new to this forum so let me know if I should be posting this elsewhere (I will move it) or if it is old news (I will delete it!).

We are doing the EV6 as part of a larger trip London-Istanbul, and are now in Novi Sad.  Here are three route updates which might be useful:

1. The motorway bridge that you need to cross a small river at Szigetszentmiklos is currently under repair and the cycle track is barricaded off.  There is no alternative route signposted, we just carried on down the main road to the next crossing at Szigethalom, which was do-able if a bit unpleasant.

2. The official route between Szigethalom and Szigetcep just fizzles out into a monumentally bumpy mud track.  Cars are negotiating it at less than walking speed.  We got through it slowly and ok but it was bone-dry and we are travelling light, it would be very difficult in the wet or with a trailer.

3. The official book recommends taking a train between Novi Sad and Belgrade, but they are not running, and are not expected to be running for the next 3-5 years (ie to about 2024).  The alternative is to take a bus, but these are scheduled bus services and they are not set up for bikes - they say you have to pack the bike up in order to take it as luggage.  So we have just cycled the route on a Saturday (leaving Novi Sad at 8.15ish) and the traffic was ok.  We used the alternative route from Stremski Karlovci to Cortanovci, it starts ok but becomes a mud trail through the trees with some very steep little rises and lots of mosquitos (my pet hate) and ends up in a building site.  I think if I did it again I would stay on the road.  There is no sign of any usable cycle path after the bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad, despite rumours that some have recently been built.

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Bus was fine

Hi Catherine, thanks for the update !

My brother and me just took the bus from Novi-Sad to Belgrade, as you mentionned : we had to wait one night in Novi-Sad (saturday night was too rushy, we came again early on sunday morning), and they took or bikes without charge, as they were (it was risky but we have robust bikes and time to repair). Reading your sum-up I'm happy we did that !

Safe travels


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