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US / Upstate NY vs. Northern Vermont Qs

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US / Upstate NY vs. Northern Vermont Qs

Hi there.

I live in NYC and have about ten days in August to go on a little trip, looking at upper NY and Vermont.

I'm considering...

ACA Adirondacks Loop in upstate NY
ACA Green Mountains Loop in northern VT
Green Mountain Gravel Growler in northern VT

Has anyone does both ACA loops, and can compare pleasantness-- scenery, amount of traffic, shade, etc.? The mileage / elevations look pretty similar on paper, and I can get to both of them on Amtrak from NYC. Nine riding days in comfortable?

Also curious if anyone here has down the Gravel Growler loop and could sanity check it for a rigid frame with 38mm tires on 700c wheels. I like the idea of doing something shorter, more flex time, car-free, shaded.

Any advice helpful, many thanks.



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