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Bike Storage Zurich

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Bike Storage Zurich

Just wondering if anyone has had experience of storing bikes in Zurich somewhere safely. We are arriving into Zurich International Airport and visiting friends in Lucerne for the weekend before returning to Zurich and then commencing our cycle tour along the Danube.Dont really want to drag bikes down to Lucerne for the weekend. Many thanks.


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Bike Storage Zurich Mainstation

Hi Kate

There is a secured bike storage at Zurich Mainstation called „Velostation Zurich rollt“. This will cost CHF 2.-/24h per bike.


On this link you will find a detailed map and the website(in german):

If you need more infos, just contact me :-)

We can also store your bikes at our home, but we are not that central in Zurich City.

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Bike Storage

Many thanks for that info re bike storage in Zurich. Have noted the contact and will approach them. I am just slightly concerned at the security as we don’t want the bikes to go missing when we are about to start a 3000km tour.

Do appreciate you taking the time to reply though. 

Many thanks



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Hi Kate

Hi Kate

No worries about security of your bike at this special „bike storage“. This is a storage which is indoor and security people are there. There is also a free bike storage all arround the mainstation, which is outdoor and not secur to leave the bike for that long.

Sorry, I hope you understand my explanations in English :-)

Otherwise, as I already offered, we could store your bike & luaggage at our home. This will be about 5km to Mainstation.


Or maybe ask directly trough request at some warmshowers close to city center, if they have space to store your bikes for that time.

Best wishes and happy cycling

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Iwan & Yvonne

Your suggestions have been great and your offer to store our bikes incredibly generous. We have decided that we will 

actually cycle south and make it part of the great adventure . What’s another few 100km in the scheme of things. 

For the record your English is perfect. With many thanks again.

Kate & Pete

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