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USA hosts

My husband and I have done extensive fully loaded touring over the last 9 or so years and this fall decided to try Warm Showers on our trip from Kelowna BC Canada to Florida. I must admit we were both very skeptical, unsure, and maybe a little afraid of who we might contact.

I decided to contact one member before leaving Canada just to get my "feet wet". We had been on the road for 29 days roaming BC and Alberta and were in Wolf Point Montana. Mary Madson is our first new friend and hopefully not our last. She opened her home and heart to us. We camped in her lovely yard and had wonderful showers, washed our clothes and touched base with family over the internet. She is an inspiration to anyone that loves to cycle. We enjoyed hearing about her adventures and telling her ours.

We had such a possitive experience we decided to contact Anna and Doug Hoffman in Williston ND. They are incredible people... not even cyclist! Angels for sure! Another great camp spot with fresh veggies from the garden, showers, friendship and more.

As we were traveling fully loaded we had planned our campsites along the route and maybe I can plug Adventure Cycling route maps here as they mention camping, with all the City Parks that allow cycle tourers to stay the night. Really nice as lots of campsites are out of town and far from ammenities.

Mike and Genese Valentino are great hosts in Cleveland- Mentor OH. We stayed inside as it was predicted to rain and they treated us royally.

In Harrisburg PA [Camp Hill] we were 2 days early to a host we had contacted and they found us other accommodation with friends who now joined up. Jeff and Joan McPartland. Another couple with a wealth of knowledge. Owen and Fran insisted that we stay a second night [our original hosts] so we could get aquainted. These 2 couples were beyond words in their generosity with home and knowledge. We talked and talked cycling! So fun!

This trip was a geography lesson for 2 retired Canadians thru 14 states , 2 provinces and 9000km. We head back to Florida in April, to pick up our bikes and cycle home. Looking forward to meeting some more Warm shower hosts and next summer to opening our home and hearts to tourers thru our area in Canada. I hope I can be as gracious a host.

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What way are you planning on

What way are you planning on going home? Are you going to link up with the Trans Am? You will run into quite a few others touring. Plus you will get to go through Yellowstone and possibly Glacier depending on how you go.

I love Kelowna! Has been years since I have been there though, would like to get back up there.

Glad you are having good experiences. That is what has gotten me not only into hosting, but touring as well. In two years I have had 78 guests stay with me, and I have stayed with two hosts so far. Cant wait to get out on the road next year. Hopefully I will be able to get a couple short trips in this summer too.


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