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Bike bag for Thalys trains

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Bike bag for Thalys trains


I am going to be biking through France this fall and, at some point, will probably have to take a train from Amsterdam to Paris. I was wondering where I can buy one of the bike bags needed to take a dismounted bike on the train and roughly how much the bags cost. I would also be interested to know if anyone has taken a bike on FlixBus and has advice...

Thanks in advance!


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bike bags

for thalys the size should be 135 x 85 x 30 cm. 

somethings like that


I take flixbus with bike in germany as  the bus has bike rack

in france there are no bike racks so you have to dismount and book ahead 

size hauteur en cm + largeur en cm + profondeur en cm) de 240 cm



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here is a german site that

here is a german site that shows a lot of possible models in all price-ranges. It should be easy to find those models on french or dutch websites. 

  kind regards


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Buke bag for Thalys train / TGV

Hi Katie,

my experience wth TGV (also french national train):

dismount the front wheel, turn the handle bars & wrap in a bag plastic bag (I got mine in a matress store).

In the TGV there a extra long bag compartments in 1.class , top floor, just behind the driving unit.Take that!

Cheque that for Thalys, it works with TGV. (Had a great lift from Marseille to Frankfurt).

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