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Seeking help for bike shipping in Bucharest

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Seeking help for bike shipping in Bucharest

Hello fellow WS friends!

Time flies incredibly fast and I can’t believe it but I am already reaching the end of my first tour having started in London now ending in Bucharest Romania. 

I am trying to ship my bike and bags out of Bucharest back to my home in Singapore, but am struggling to be able to lock down a place / address where I can use for the shipping company to deliver its boxes, and for collection. 


18th Sept - boxes delivered

23rd Sept - box collection

I was hoping that perhaps a bike shop / bike repair shop may be able to help if they have space as I can dismantle my bike there too, or if any Warmshowers local would be so happy to help, I will be so very grateful!

If anyone has any ideas, or are willing to help, please reach out ((:

And if anyone would like to meet up in Bucharest please send a message too (:





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