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Transamerica trail

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Transamerica trail

I'm planning a west to east US trip from early march to the end of may in 2020 (self supported)

I'm still hesitating on what route to take considering it will be early spring : is Astoria (OR) to Yorktown, Virginia via Yellowstone feasable during these months or should I consider the southern tier ?

Thank you for any advice


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Southern Tier Only in March

Too cold crossing the Sierra Mountains on the Transamerica.

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Also suggest a southern route

I agree with Jack, it can quite cold and snowy in the mountain ranges for latitudes north of the Los Angeles.   The Rockie Mountains in particular can be dangerous until mid-May, in my experience.  Have you considered leaving from San Diego, my home.  The southern deserts can be spectacular at that time of the year.

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southern tier and Amtrak

So, I' m going for the southern tier.

BUT I' try to avoid Texas...

I have an other logistical question : I will land in DC, my daughter lives here and I hope I can expect a bit of help from her....

I'm planning to take a train from DC to Southern California (to lower my CO2 foot print,  somewhat a wishfull thinking I guess).

Is there a train with a relatively direct path accepting bikes and not too slow ?

I know that US train system is slow, fuel powered and not so reliable. But I take it as part of the experience.


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Train ride

The Southwest Chief takes you to San Diego....relaxing 3 day ride..Amtrak from DC to Chicago switch to Southwest Chief!