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Obtaining a touring bicycle in Istanbul for a 12-day ride to Izmir in October

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Obtaining a touring bicycle in Istanbul for a 12-day ride to Izmir in October

hello everyone. I've been riding thru Europe all summer (using warm showers a lot!) and I'll be meeting my father in Istanbul on October 14 and then together we will ride to Izmir. He will return to USA from Izmir and I will continue riding thru Turkey. The airline he is using to fly to and from Turkey charges USD $275 each way to bring a bicycle, so we would like to see if there's a cheaper option for getting him a bicycle to use for a 12 day ride between Istanbul and Izmir. Does anyone have information about the following possibilities?

  1. like renting a car, is it possible to rent a decent bicycle in Istanbul and return it in Izmir? (I've never heard of such a system, but this would be super convenient if it exists)

  2. Does anyone have a decent bicycle for sale or for rent that would be suitable for someone who is 190cm tall and weighs 80kg?

  3. can anyone recommend some good bicycle shops that sell new or used bicycles suitable for light touring? Because I'll remain in Turkey after my father leaves, I could try to sell it in Izmir.

thank you!

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A few ideas..

What airline is it?  275$ one way is a rip off - almost every single airline I know charges 150$ one way to anywhere in Europe, including Turkey.

There are quite a few bike shops in Istanbul and you can easily procure a bike from one of them,  you can also try buying online and having it delivered to the hotel.  Check this out:

I have not heard of multi day bike rentals in Turkey..

Also, there are lots of blogs here for bike touring, including my tour from Istanbul to Bodrum via Izmir, in 2017.. You can use this website for inspiration.  Use the search box on the upper RHS.

Let me know if you need help talking to the stores, etc,  but you should be able to find english speaking people in stores.  I can help you out if you need it, I am a Turk from Izmir, living in New Jersey USA.



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thank you! these are good

thank you! these are good ideas. 

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