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Biking through Death Valley

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Biking through Death Valley

Hoping for some hints, tips, why you loved or hated it. Looking at going in January. Figure I'll need alot of sunscreen and a warm sleeping bag, lol. How far apart are gas stations for water refills? Is there crazy wind? Shoulders pretty decent? Traffic? Snakes you might step on,lol? Can you stealth camp? It's the desert so I figured you can't hide very well. Thanks everyone : )

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No idea but...

Hi Annie, good luck on your trip through Death Valley. Sounds daunting. I have no idea but maybe if you search "Death Valley" in the website, you might find some journals written by people who have done it (Death Valley, I mean) and some pertinent information.
By the way, I'm doing my own project for a long trip through the USA this coming winter and througout 2020... but that will be in the south/southeast, east, and northern states. It's called Cycling for the Green New Deal and is kind of political in nature but I also want to be shooting stuff in Spanish along the way to produce a Spanish course on YouTube. I want to gather a group of people to bike together and maybe help each other out... if someone wants to learn Spanish, and he/she can help with video editing or some other skill... at the same time we would do the political campaign volunteering. See my post ("Cycling for the Green New Deal") also on this General... forum in Warmshowers. I still have to post the thing about the Spanish course and other things, but maybe you (and others here reading this) get the idea. 
 I also started a crowdfunding page:

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