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Cycling in South Sinai

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Cycling in South Sinai

I am flying to Tel Aviv in the end of November from where I want to do a cycling trip around Israel and Jordan.
I would also like to go to south Sinai with my bike. Anybody done that recently? I would like to enter Egipt at Taba or by boat from Aqaba. Than cycle to Sharm el Shaikh, El Tor, St. Catherine, Nuweibaa and back to Israel...
Is this doable, is it safe, are there many police check points or do they assign you a patrol or even take you to a certain (safe) point?
If I understood well previous posts I would need a proper Egypt visa for this itinerary. Sinai pass covers just Red sea cost and up to St. Catherine.
Which would be the longest stretch without water?
Thank you for your replies!

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