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In memory of my brother, Sangyoon Jeon (Jay Jeon)

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In memory of my brother, Sangyoon Jeon (Jay Jeon)

Before I start this, I would like to say that all my family members really appreciates hosts who offered my brother worm bed, food and good memories during his trip. Thank you again.

Sangyoon Jeon (Jay Jeon) is my only one younger brother who was struck and killed by van driver in South Carolina last Monday, November 04, 2019. My family and people who know him still could not believe this tragic accident. He was only 27 years old, just graduated from university and dreamed about an American cross country bicycle adventure. He and my family members had prepared few months to achieve this trip. We worried so much but could not stop him, very confident, had many experiences already in Korea.

My brother was very polite, honest and always tries to take care of other people. He had never fear or compromise with injustice. I am so sure that. However, the ambiguous news for this accident and malicious comments after news killed my brother again (Because, there are different way of road designation between the U.S.A and South Korea; and Korean newspaper just copied what American reporter wrote). We had a meeting with highway patrol who investigating this case, and they surely said that my brother did not break the road law in this accident. All his protective clothing is smashed……..

I still can’t believe that I am not able to see nor hear my only one younger brother anymore…. All my family members are going through difficult time and not sure how to overcome this painful time…. We regret that gave him a permit to trip…..Why didn’t we stop him….. However, I strongly believe that this isn’t what my brother wants…. He probably gave us an important message as he sacrificed. The next victims may be me or you…..

Lastly, I really appreciate everyone who helped my family while we are staying at South Carolina. It was really worm and never forgettable………



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Myeongsoo Kim, I am so sorry

Myeongsoo Kim, I am so sorry to hear about this tragic accident, and so far from home. My thoughts are with you and your family in this most difficult of times.


Holland, MI

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Our thoughts and prayers are

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.  I would encourage you to keep asking the police to investigate as sometimes they put it off due to other issues but you are entitled to know what happened.  If the delivery company driver is at fault, you should contact an attorney here in the USA that specializes in bicycle accidents.  While it would not replace your brother, some compensation may help.

John Nettles

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Hello, I am feeling your sadness and the shock you are feeling at losing your brother so suddenly  Please accept my condolences. Hold on to thsoe prescious  memories. It  may be the last thing you feel like doing at the moment, but John Nettles has given you some very good, practical advice. Kind regards, 

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Sad sad news

Dear Myeongsoo Kim,

Our hearts are heavy at the very sad news of your brother killed on his bicycle while riding his dream trip across America. It's a senseless tragedy. Our condolences to you and your family. 

Michele Titcombe and Benoit Charra
Montreal, Canada

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My heartfelt condolences. I

My heartfelt condolences. I wish I had a chance to meet your brother.  His text to me was warm, friendly, and I truly wish we had hosted him.

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Myeongsoo Kim,

Myeongsoo Kim,

We are sorry for you and your family to hear what has happened. 
Yo are speaking about regretting letting your brother go on this trip. I hope you can also see the other side. He was doing the thing he enjoyed last thing in his life. So he passed away happy. Hold on to the prescious  memories of him to keep him with you. Our sincere condolances and a lot of strength for you and your familly for the coming hard time to get through!

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