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Tijuana - Vancouver

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Tijuana - Vancouver

Hello! Any advice, tips, or helpful information regarding this route?

Starting from Tijuana,Mexico to Vancouver, Canada along the Pacific coast..

Planning on riding it Late Nov, December..
What should I be aware of?

Thanks in advance!



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I assume you are aware that the overnight temps can get into the low 40s/high 30s at night.  The daytime highs are not much better at mid-50s.  Also, that you have a high probability of getting precepitation each day (check out for great historical climate data).  Finally, a lot of the campgrounds will probably be closed so be sure to check ahead or be prepared to wild camp (assuming a WS host is unavailable), especially the further north you go.

Since you are traveling very late in the year, you will actually will have a chance of a tailwind north of California.  Still a headwind south of Oregon.

That said, you are on tour so it ain't all bad.

Tailwinds, John

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I live in San Diego now and

I live in San Diego now and lived in San Francisco for many years before that.   And I have riddent the rounte but only going North to South.   I now others have already mentioned the prevailing headwinds along the route when riding North.  The weather will be nice until the middle of California, when you will pick up the storm track.   It usually doesn't rain that much in Northern California until Janaury or February but you can get rain.   Temps will drop as you travel north.  

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Encouragement from Vancouver

Hola Cesar, 

Here in Vancouver, BC, many cyclists commute to work throughout the year. Your travels northward are likely to be wet, and a bit chilly, but the temperature is unlikely to drop below freezing. You'll need really good rainproof clothing, however: jacket with hood, long pants, waterproof gloves and even shoe covers. 

I think the bigger challenge will be short day length. This makes it harder to do long distance days. also, combined with wet weather, camping becomes unpleasant. 

Your planned route will be challenging, but go for it! When you get near Vancouver, contact us and we can probably host you. 

Good travels, 

Margo (Grey Hair) 

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