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NZ - Help! - Looking for 2 bikes in December!

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NZ - Help! - Looking for 2 bikes in December!

Hii all, 

A cry for help now our whole bikeplan seems to fall apart...

My sister and I are in NZ from the 1st of December (arriving in Auckland) till the 23th of December (leaving from Christchurch) and planned to ride by car to Queenstown and bike back to Christchurch along the West Coast. Great plan, but the bikes we planned to hire are not available any more... (miscommunication...)

Maybe anyone has an idea who to hire bikes from with pannier bags etc., for like 1-2 weeks somewhere in NZ? The route we're gonna do doesn't matter that much, every part of this country is beautiful!

Thanks a lot!!!

Lots of love from two fit young Dutch girls with a lot of bike touring experience :) (both 1,72 cm)

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