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Ireland in June

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Ireland in June

Hi Everybody,

we are considering Ireland in June this year. I already queried, but the page on Ireland is more or less empty, so is WS in the forums.

So I am asking:

Anything specific to pay attention to?

How is the weather in June?

How is public transport with bikes (trains)?

All input is apreciated!



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Hi Andrea,

Hi Andrea,
June and July are the best months in terms of temperature, but it'll be rainy for sure, be prepared for that.
The west cost could be very windy too, but definitely worth to visit.
It is allowed to bring your bike in the trains, usually paying an additional fee, but the only problem is that space for bikes is limited. I recommend securing your place for the bike online when you buy the ticket if you are taking the train during weekends in the summertime. If it is during the week I don't think you will have a problem.

Let me know what part of the country are you planning to visit so I can help you and maybe recommend places to stay/camp.



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