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A couple of years ago, me and a friend, blissfully ignorant as we were, rented bikes in Pokhara and cycled to Jomsom -- it's nominally ~160km one way. As it was rain-season, it turned out to be a mad endeavor, and for all the mud very hard at the time (up in 5 days; down in 4). Thankfully, no leeches there.

Of course, now I want to do the full Annapurna circuit on bike, and hopefully see some mountain peaks.

If that kind of thing sounds fun to you, drop a note, let's chat. Thanks.

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I spent a few days in Pokhara

I spent a few days in Pokhara some years ago and managed to take in some great views of the spectacular Anapurna. I love the Nepalese culture, spent many months working in the Himalaya foothills of NW Bengal. I'm approaching 50 now and I plan to tour in the Himalaya region as soon as virus restrictions are normalised. It would be great to tour with others, it makes it a lot more enjoyable to share expeiences even if individuals have a very different cycling pace, regime, etc. 

All the best