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Turkey, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is one of the most eye-catching countries in the world with its natural and historical beauties.

Turkey is also perfect for cycling trips.

We are organizing a campaign to promote the natural beauties, ancient cities, religious centers, museums, forests, beaches and cultural centers in Turkey's cycling routes.

Every month, we host 20 bicycle travelers from different countries in Turkey.

We welcome bicycle travelers with escort vehicles at the Turkish border gates,

You can travel comfortably by bike by loading your belongings into the vehicle,

It meets all accommodation, eating and drinking needs within the borders of Turkey,

We provide guidance and technical support.

All these services are completely free.

Cycling Travelers are responsible for coming to Turkey with their own bicycles and returning to their own countries at the end of the tour.

We only ask cyclists who want to participate in the Turkey Cycling Tour to share their bicycle trips in Turkey instantly on their blog and social media accounts. For this reason, the cyclists we will host should make a preliminary application.

For a free bike trip in Turkey;

Name and Surname, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, School, Occupation, Interests, phone or e-mail that we can contact, website - blog or social media accounts for us to review, Bicycle Model, Bicycle trips he made before, What dates they requested, About themselves We are waiting for them to send a private message by writing short information and their expectations from this trip.

Email:  [email protected]


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This is a great way to

This is a great way to promote Turkey and Turkish hospitality.  I suggest you also post this in these two facebook groups:

 - Bicycle touring & bikepacking

- Voyageurs et Voyageuses a velo (this is a French speaking group - very active).

Best wishes from abroad to Turkey, my homeland.


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This is great! Can I have

This is great! Can I have some more info or someone I can get in touch with? I tried the website but since I don't know any turkish it didn't help much heheh. I always admired Turkey with all it's history and amazing, strong, beautiful people. Would love to get around there and experience everything first hand. Please let me know how I can take a first step.