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Wich application

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Wich application

Bonjour, quelle application utilisez vous pour imaginer votre itinéraire? Nous serons bientôt sur l'Eurovelo 8...

Merci d'avance pour vos recommandations.


Wich App' do you use to help you drawing your road? Well will soon be on the Eurovelo8 with all the fam.,...


Thanks in advance for your advices!

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Bonjour Silvere,

J'utilise deux appliction.

En ordinateur j'ulilise le site pour planifier les grandes routes, les sauvegarder comme les fichiers GPX et les telecharger a mon telephone android. La, j'utilise l'app OSMAnd pour navigation pendant la journee. On peut aussi planifier les route plus proches, si vous vouler changer en route.

Greg Dutkowski

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since years we use the Czech application Mapy for planning and also routing. It has OSM, on outdoor map you can see hiking and cycling trails. You can download maps if you don't have (good) internet connection.

You can download your GPS-tracks for other devices and upload other GPS tracks.

There exist a version for browser and one for cellphone. Different languages are available.

It's free of charge and without promo.

We used it in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Take care!

Michaela and Herbert