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West coast of Italy in May

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West coast of Italy in May

I am looking for a traveling companion biking the west side of Italy in  May. 
We will be using campsites, warmshowers, and wild camping. 
I am planning on up to 90 kilometers per day, but less if we want to explore an area. I don't want a deadline so that the trip is relaxed. 
I am just back from a bike tour from Viladecans, Spain to Nice, France. I would like to continue from where I left off.....

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Cycling to opposite direction :D

Hi Hall,

I am planning to cycle in the same area in May (Or April to June really).
Right now my bike is parked in Lugano (South Switzerland), and I plan to go from there towards Genoa and then west towards Nice.
Maybe possible to meet up on the way!