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Cycling solo from Monterroso (ITALY) to Nice (FRANCE) for female.

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Cycling solo from Monterroso (ITALY) to Nice (FRANCE) for female.

Hi, I'm wondering if anybody here has cycled the same route as me, I have trying hard to find some realated information, but failed :(

I just got into cycling several months ago, I have cycled solo around Taiwan for 10 days, I was able to cycle 125 KM in one day with baggage, and in average I can cycle 100 KM in one day.

I plan to cycle from Monterroso (ITALY) to Nice (FRANCE) from 14th Sep to 19th Sep, I would like to know is it possible for me to complete this trip before 19th Sep?

And I would love to know some informations, particularly about the road condition between Genova and Monterosso, because it's mountain area with some altitude.


1. Is it possible to get this sector done solo for female within 1.5 days?

2. Any food and water supply on the way? How much water and food I should carry with my bike?

3. You guys would suggest me to bring long cycling pants or short? (sorry it seems like a woman thing, but I feel difficuit to decide...or bring both? I was thinking just to bring a short one, because I like keeping my cycling pants tan on my laps, but I worry Europe would get too cold for me in the ealry morning.)

Because I am in Milano at the moment, was thinking to cycle from monterosso, but I will need to change the station at genova with my bike, and I would waste one day just on the train, so I just changed my plan that I will....

Milano> Genova by Train with the bike
Genova> Monterroso by Bike
Monterroso> Genova by Train
Genova>Nice by bike

then I plan to sell my bike in Nice, take a bus "free"back to Milano :)

4. Is there any place for me to sell the bike in Nice?
(mountain bike)

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genova to nice


I just cycled from Genova to Nice last week.
My route follows the big route but always along the coastline. Don't underestimate the height. Sometimes there are good cycleways sometimes it's on the main road but the traffic is OK, except Genova, were you really have to take care.
It took me about 2,5 days (starting around noon first day in Genova) but I lost quite a lot of time in Monaco (really stupid for bikes there to get in and out).
but the coastline is really lovely and worth the travel!
good luck


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And it's really warm in the morning already. So short trousers are fine. I've even never used my jacket...

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Daniel, thank you so much!

It took you 2.5 days from Gonova to Nice, I guess I will allow myself to have at least 3 days to complete, hopefully I can make my bike going through Monaco faster, are there any tips for it?

I guess from Genova to Monterosso would probably more difficult, but I will try to start very ealry to catch up.

I will just wear the short pants, can't wait to get on the bike and ride along the coast line! I love the route you are doing, I was also cycling around Taiwan on the coast line this August. :)

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