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Ghent to Paris, Provence, Milan

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Ghent to Paris, Provence, Milan


My name is Geo.  I am moving to Europe for school. Before classes start in September, I will be biking all over Western and Central Europe to explore and meet people.  My first trip will be from Ghent to Paris to Provence to Milan during May and June.  I hope not to have to camp, but I am willing to rough it.  I plan to stop for a couple days at a time to explore the larger and more beautiful areas.

Any recommendations for places to go?
Tips and tricks?

Anything I need to know?  Anyone want to meet up?

My phone number will be changing once I arrive, so emails or responding here will be the best way to contact me until I get settled on the seat.


Hope to hear from you


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From Ghent go south by bike

From Ghent follow the towpaths south along the river Schelde. The easiest and safest way to reach France from Ghent.