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Hitch a Ride- DC to Cumberland

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Hitch a Ride- DC to Cumberland

Hello! We realize this is a long shot, but we have to try. We are driving up from Knoxville TN to Washington DC to bike pack on the C&O Canal. When we went to book our one-way train tickets from DC to Cumberland, we found that ALL of the bike reservations are sold out...even on a train that is only 20% full! We were shocked. So now our original plans are almost a bust. We are looking for someone who happens to be driving from DC to/towards Cumberland MD on April 30th or May 1st. Or May 2nd. We are a bit flexible but we can't go before April 30th. Again, we realize this is a long shot and a lot to ask, but please reach out if you can help...or have any other ideas (besides the Greyhound, which we are exploring). Thank you!

Stephanie and Andrew

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GAP Shuttle

Hey Stephanie,

I am in Tulsa so won't give you a lift but when we had a similar thing happen to us, we rented a mini-van for a day and with both of us, drove to the starting point and my wife stayed checked into the hotel and stayed with the bikes while I drove back to the ending point and took the train back to the starting point.  The cost was fairly cheap, about $100 total pre-covid.  If you run out of options, maybe you can do this too.

Tailwinds, John

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One way rental

You can get a one way rental (even a minivan) for less than $150 from DC to Cumberland. Not quite as cheap as the train, but it will save you the time. We just did this and drove to Pittsburg and did the GAP and C&O. Good luck!