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Routes advice- Belgium-Cologne-Dusseldorf-Hague

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Routes advice- Belgium-Cologne-Dusseldorf-Hague


We three friends are starting a trip as shown in the subject from 2nd July to 12th July.  Please send us your expert advise on the routes- (GPX file) camping sites and regional info...  

This is our first trip in Europe and we prefer exploring the country side, sight seeing..etc. 

Please share your valuable informations.


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Hi , In Belgium it's

Hi , In Belgium it's forbidden to put your tent where ever you want, but there are special 'bivaczones' (only for bikers and hikers) where you can put your tent ( some have toilets as well) 

If you pass by Ghent, you're welcome as well ! Have a nice 'first Europe trip' 


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I am late seeing this post,

I am late seeing this post, but in 2014 (I know that is long ago) we rode Cologne, Dusseldorf, Netherlands, Belgium. I was an amazing trip! My only tip would be to be careful with bike route number. Several times we got confused by local routes numbered the same as the the long distance routes we were looking for. You can also check my blog on Crazyguy:

That was our 1st (but not last) European tour. Have a great trip!