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Spain north coast in August, France in September

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Spain north coast in August, France in September

Hi, hola, salut!

This August-September I plan to bike through northern Spain and then along the Velodyssee into France. I’ll fly to Madrid on 30 July and then train up to the north coast. The idea is to bike the Camino del Norte which runs along the Atlantic (Santiago de Compostela - Bilbao - Irun). Everybody does it from east to west (ending at Santiago) but I’ll cycle eastwards, aiming to enter France in late August or early September. Then I’d like to continue up the French coast  and up one of the river routes to the Massif Centrale.

I’ve done these kind of trips before (Portugal, Catalunya, Greece, Italy, Brittany) usually on my own, but always happy when someone joins me along the way for some hours or days...or more! I usually do 50-80 km a day but what counts is the enjoyment, not the pace! I like to stop, take in the scenery, meet people along the way (I can chat in Spanish and French) and sometimes I’ll stay a few days in a pretty town or leave the bike and hike to some hidden spot that locals recommended.

If possible, I stay at WS or Couchsurfing hosts which for me is a big part of the adventure. Otherwise it’s hostels and pensions. If weather permits I've stayed at campings (I take a sleeping bag) and this time I may bring a tent with me.

My route isn’t finalized…for example in north Spain I (we?) could bike through the Pireneos toward Santander instead of the Camino del Norte. Same for France - I’m open to suggestions. You can read more in my WS profile and of course welcome to whatsapp me.

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