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I am planning a 5 day trip Montreal to Lake to Lake Willoughby, Westmore, VT

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I am planning a 5 day trip Montreal to Lake to Lake Willoughby, Westmore, VT

I am looking for advice and places to stay along my ride from Montreal to Lake Willoughby, VT. I want to stay off busy roads as much as possible, gravel roads are great too bike paths are ideal. I plan to fly into Montreal stay for 2-3 of days get my bike set up and enjoy the city and then ride along for 5 days, 40+/- miles a day till I get to Lake Willoughby in VT. My research indicated Le Route Verte would be the best route in Canada, but please advise! The border crossing at Stanstead or Beebe. I haven't heard much about the border crossing or the connection route in VT. If there are any preferred routes please share! Also is there a better direction to ride? I know in California on the coast it's better to ride south. So any tips would be really helpful. I have attached a photo of my route and circled my destination bottom right of the photo in VT.
The trip will be in mid-August. Thanks for your help. I'd love recommendations for camping, hot springs, or swimming holes, routes, food etc. I'm looking for a scenic relaxing route where I can eat yummy food along the way!

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Options fo Montreal to Lake to Lake Willoughby, Westmore, VT

Hello Natalie, try Montreal to Granby, and then Granby to Richford, Vermont. Most of it is Route Verte and you will be in roads with wide shoulders mainly from Bromont to Richford. I have done this leg and it is fine, easy. From Richford you can take 105-101 to Troy, then you cross to Irasburg and then go east to either Orleans or south west to Barton. Then you are only 10 miles or less than Lake Willoughby. I have not done this second leg, so you may need to review some maps. MapOut is a good app to check some bicycle maps. Best of luck!