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UK tour - St. Andrews, Scotland to Dover

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UK tour - St. Andrews, Scotland to Dover

Hi folks,
I'm planning a trip from St Andrews to Dover (to catch the ferry over to Dunkirk) but I only have 4.5 days to do it in, and I'm not physically able to do more than 80km a day in very hilly conditions, so I'd like to take the train for half of it. My idea was to take the train to York and cycle from there. But since I have 0 experience of cycling in England, I'm wondering if this route makes any sense or if it would be better to cycle the first part and then take the train..or some other combination. I have a gravel bike with 35mm tyres so nothing too offroadish..

Any tips on cycling in England much appreciated!


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Hi Anna,

Hi Anna,

I can't offer you a huge amount of help, but...
I've cycled from Newcastle down to Retford, near Lincoln. We followed the coast as far as Hull before turning inland. The route was lovely, with lots of disused railways that have been turned into cycle paths.
From York down to around Cambridge is relatively flat, that would be the easier riding.
You could also look at the North Downs Way, this goes from South West of London across to Dover, you could maybe pick it up East of London and follow it all the way to your destination.

Going from York sounds like a good idea, picking up the North Downs Way. It will be hillier towards the end though.


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Hi Jamie, Thank you for your

Hi Jamie, Thank you for your reply, admittedly, I did not read this before setting off as I was already on the road on the 3rd of August. After a conversation with my father, who knows England quite well, I chose to cycle more in the north, because of the scenic-ness, and take the train from Doncaster. I would recommend this mostly costal route to everyone, it's not too bad with the hills, being coastal. The only thing is to use caution with Google maps, which is not always reliable. I cycled Edinburgh - Dunbar - Berwick-upon-Tweed - Beal - Alnwick, train down to Northallerton, then cycled to Doncaster, train to London, continued by train to Faversham then cycled to Deal, where I spent the night before catching the ferry the next day from Dover, checking out the white cliffs in the morning. Think I might have ended up partially doing the North Downs Way, as you recommended.