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Surry VA to Raleigh NC

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Surry VA to Raleigh NC

Hi all. Any locals have recommendations for routing? I'll be coming from WA DC, then Richmond to Surry, which I have those sections figured out. Any cautions or recommendations, Surry to Raleigh? Mid september timing.

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Hi, I've done a few trips

Hi, I've done a few trips around Raleigh. I tried looking for the smallest back roads, but ended up spending too much time making my own gpx files. It was nicer whenever I followed a route with signs. That might be personal preference, but the bike routes in NC are pretty well marked. Route 1 goes North/South to Raleigh and NC Routes 2 & 4 go East/West. The downside is these routes usually follow faster roads for some sections, so car traffic might be busier in some places. And depending on where you stop in Raleigh, there are some greenways around the city.
Some drivers around here are a little impatient and will try passing in bad spots (blind corners, oncoming traffic) but most of the time they gave me some space. Not everyone though.
Only had a few dogs chase me on my rides, but nothing super threatening.
And September is hurricane season. I should have led with this, but I don't recommend getting caught in a hurricane. While it is character building, probably not that safe. Keep up to date on the weather.
Best of luck and stay safe.