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Albania -> Germany

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Albania -> Germany

Hey Folks!
I‘m currently in Italy resting after cycling around Western Europe and Morocco for 3.5 months. My plan is to go from bari to Albania and back to Germany starting late august with the goal to reach Germany some time in October. I have a rough route in mind that takes me thru Montenegro, Mostar, Sarajevo, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Dresden. Etc

Hit me up if you want to join, live along the way, or have tips for me!

I‘m usually wildcamping, cooking at camp (vegetarian/vegan). I like to think that I’m easy going and friendly. I met a bunch of people and cycled with them for different amounts of time in my current trip and really enjoyed having company.

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Hi Tommy,

ich hätte mega Bock, Dich von Albanien nach Deutschland zu begleiten. Diese Route steht auf meiner Liste ganz weit oben, doch dieses Jahr habe ich keine Zeit mehr dafür. Aber fahre doch von Prag aus einen kleinen Umweg nach Görlitz. Dort kann ich Dich beherbergen und wir können mal schauen, ob wir künftig spannende Touren zusammen planen können. Schreib mir gern eine Direktnachricht.

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Cycling Greece - Germany

Hey there, I know it's been a while since you posted, but where are you at now? I'm in Greece, and plan to cycle back to Berlin end of September / beginning October. If you are still on the way close to Greece then we could join forces.
LG Anna