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Getting from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) with 2 boxed bicycles

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Getting from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) with 2 boxed bicycles

Hi all, we are looking for advice on how best to get us and our 2 boxed bicycles to our hotel in Ueno, Tokyo from Haneda Airport. We were originally going to put the bikes together at the airport and ride but as we don't arrive until late afternoon, we are concerned we are adding an unnecessary level of stress to our arrival. We are looking for other options and would appreciate any advice. Also, has anyone experience in getting bike boxes at the airport or a nearby bike shop for our departure flight 6 weeks later? Thanks.

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As it is generally not

As it is generally not allowed to transport bicycles on trains, your alternative is to take a taxi.
But contact your hotel, tell them you have bikes and ask them to help you with the transport.
Otherwise, you stay overnight at the airport, assemble your bikes and take a morning ride to your hotel.
If you are going to stay at the same hotel before flying home ask them to store your boxes (flattened) during this time you are out on the trip

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Bike boxes

Hi P&H

What a coincidence. We too are flying Haneda and are from WA.

We're just finishing 3 months in Japan.
We're trying to source boxes as well. We'll be cycling into Fuchu, from Mt Fuji area, which is along the cycleway that goes to Haneda, 40km away.
Our plan is to cycle to the airport the day before and pack them ready for a late morning flight back to Perth. Sleeping at Haneda

I think cycling out of Haneda is fairly straight forward along the cycleway, but where you're staying may be an issue.

We fly out of Haneda Sept 9th and will let you know where we find boxes. We have no problem paying for boxes and will rig something up to get the boxes on the bikes

I have a journal on cgoab for more info.
We do a mostly out camping so it may not suit your mode of travel

Will you have a journal?

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I am just returning from

I am just returning from (arrived to Narita) and (departed Haneda) Japan, as I visited Yokohama and the 2023 CMWC World Bicycle Messenger Championships. I didn't think it was an issue but had a soft bag for my bicycle that was not yet assembled on the train/subway. Also, probably avoid rush hour (Google Maps shows how busy the train is). I took the Shinkansen, multiple other trains, buses, etc., without problems (however being polite, respectful and considerate of course goes a long way). Riding from the airports is also not an issue, especially Haneda which is basically in Tokyo, however be prepaired that you need to get used to riding on 70km/h roads. Not quite the highway there, but a main road at least with 4 lanes of cars and trucks. All other roads which are scenically much nicer, do not go straight from A-B (not even close to it) so people ride on the more car friendly streets as they are more efficent. It's like the old roads where there from long ago, and to make life easier they build major car roads on top of them from A-B which is where I personally did a great deal of cycling. Also, cycling on the sidewalk is allowed however very stressful due to other riders, people, pets, etc., so I prefered to just be in traffic which was fine once you got used to it.

Bike boxes can be stored at various luggage storage places close to the airport if you need to save it for you returning flight (folding them down some will save you storage space/money), or there are quite a few bike stores that have boxes if you ask (just like anywhere else), but that of course is more of a risk depending on what is avaialble.

Have fun and Japan is great for cycle touring! The people are friendly, the convenience stores are awesome, and the landscape is beautiful (but very hilly so be prepaired).