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Pensacola to Key West route suggestions!

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Pensacola to Key West route suggestions!

Hello everybody, I am planning a trip from Pensacola to Key West beginning next week. I am unfamiliar with the areas and am looking for some suggestions as to the most bike-friendly roads, direct routes, etc. down the coast and bike across alligator alley? middle of the state? I'd also love to skirt around Miami if possible. any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Sara, I am in Southern LA

Hi Sara,

I am in Southern LA now and I came here via Key West from CT. I ended up taking the ferry from Key West to FT Meyers Beach (google Key West Express). It costs about $100 with a bike. You could avoid Miami that way, but you would also miss Alligator Alley.

The FL Panhandle is awesome. I was getting pretty tired of the overdeveloped beach areas but once I got north of Tampa all was much better. The state parks are pretty nice and many have cheap primitive camping. St. George Island, St. Joe Peninsula, Ochlocknee River were three of my favorite parks of the trip. I also highly reccomend a stop at Rainbow Springs State Park for a swim. No camping there though.



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Pensacola to Key West

Check out the Eastcoast Greenway route online. It pretty much follows routes 1 and 1A along the coast. I found Ft. Lauderdale to be more intimidating than Miami because of the character of the people I encounted on the streets. Also, state parks were a bad choice for camping. All of the ones I stayed in along the central and southern coast charged as much to put a tent in the dirt as it cost to stay in a 40' RV. I found many cyclists to be rude and inconsiderate when they passed without announcing their presence or intentions. Motorists were generally considerate. Make sure you have a good mirror on your bike or helmet.

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