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Should I talk about warmshowers when applying for USA Visa

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Should I talk about warmshowers when applying for USA Visa

Hello I'm looking at spending 5 months cycling in USA and Canada, being Australian Canada is no problem but USA requires a visa.
I'm wondering if I'm asked at the consulate about where I'm staying should I mention warmshowers as where I will aim to stay, especially in cities like LA.

I use warmshowers to stay in Paris, Geneve, London and Brussels. Only paid for acccomindation 12 times over 87 days while I was touring in Europe. The places where I payed was only because I couldn't find a warmshowers or wild camping. I'm hoping to do the same in USA/Canada.

When applying for a visa have you mentioned warmshowers?
Thanks Joel in Australia

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WS & US visa

I have never been to US, but I know thousands of Aussies do every year, especially young ones, just like people from all over the world do.

I doubt however if US Visa authorities will be aware of WS. I wouldn't be mentioning it myself, but mainly due to having to explain the full title, which is always awkward, in my experience.
I also wouldn't be mentioning that Other Hospitality organisation, which might have a profile that visa authorities probably aren't too crazy about.

OTOH, I wouldn't be boasting about how cheap bicycle travel can be - non-bicycle people might get the wrong idea.

You don't say so, but your post suggests you don't have a lot of funds, and I presume there are official guidelines to demonstrate you will be able to support yourself while travelling in USA ( as would be necessary to come here, to Australia). I suggest you compare your situation to any of those guidelines.

While you may be able to access WS offers in USA as readily as you have experienced in Europe, I wouldn't be *counting* on that. Firstly, it might not happen for some reason. Second, I'd suggest that isn't quite what WS is meant to be, (that is, that WS supplements other forms of accommodation, rather than being the principal source.)

Of course, I am prepared to accept that other WS members will have alternative views of this matter, and some of them will know far more than I do.

Best wishes for your trip !

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