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the Velodyssey: May 2014

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the Velodyssey: May 2014

I am planning to cycle the Velodyssey from Roscoff to Northern Spain in May 2014. I will them make my way south to visit my daughter living near Valencia. The section through Spain will probably be by train to the Med coast. Afraid my old knees will not manage the Spanish hills. Any advice regarding the route, and accomodation along the way would be gratefully received.

Best wishes


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cycling Velodyssey

Hi Dave,

we cycled the Velodyssey last year May/June starting in Bayonne, cycling north back to UK. We used the info from the website (accomodation, etc.) and we pulled out some pages from our France Michelin map 1:200.000. The old fashion way work pretty well and the route is very well signposted. In case you miss a marker: keep the sea to your right and you will never get lost. We loved it, very quiet roads, often only cycle paths way away from roads.
We camped almost every night. Not always really cheap though compared to further inland (try camping municipals) and some campsites were still closed, opening from June onwards. We did stay with a lovely WS host at Ile d'Oleron.
It is mostly flat, with some bits undulating and some very short, steepish climbs in the south.
I don't have any info about the stretch from Bayonne southwards, sorry.
If you think about camping, in Nantes you will find the best camp site ever (there is only one). Discount for cyclists, facilities are great and staff is amazing.
For the bit in Bretagne, go the first Tourist info and pick up a free booklet called Canal de Nantes a Brest & Le Blavet. It gives you a complete overview of maps, accommodation, food, bikeshops, etc. of the route to Nantes. And for the stretch Roscoff to Carhaix (where you will join mentioned Canal route) there is a voie verte route. A map is available in tourists offices as well (free).
Hope this helps a bit!
Enjoy the ride.


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Thank you Margitta. I am sure

Thank you Margitta. I am sure I will enjoy the trip and am grateful for your advice.

I have used in planning and have also uploaded the route onto my Garmin touring to help with directions. With luck I should not get too lost! It is interesting that the site only let's you upload the route from north to south. A shame because most people I have come across who have done the trip in the spring travel from south to north. I guess this is in the hope of warmer weather in the early part of the journey.

I will look up the Nantes campsite and have already arranged for my first night to be spent with a Warmshowers family. I am setting up a blog and, if I think I will have enough discipline to keep it updated, I will post the link for anyone interested in following my progress.

Bets wishes


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