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Rim cracked in HANOI!! Need to replace rim ASAP!

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Rim cracked in HANOI!! Need to replace rim ASAP!

If anybody knows of a good bicycle shop in Hanoi, please recommend one for me because my rim has cracked in Hanoi, and thankfully it happened just when I reached the city and I only had to walk the bike for a couple of kilometers.

I am touring around asia which I started in Hong Kong and just reached Hanoi a few days ago, and my rear rim cracked due to perhaps brake wear. I am in need of a new 26" rims. It would be greatly appreciated it if you could advise me on which shop I can go to purchase some decent rims for touring. I'm riding a 2008 Gary Fisher Wahoo. It's not the best bike for touring but it has held up so far. I would appreciate any information you may have for me. Thank you.

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cracked rim

hi there
you should check out the hanoi bicycle collective, the have a facebook page and a website, they're just near the shores of west lake. They say they're shut for Tet holiday, re-opening on Feb 4th, but I also read they are open for bicycle rental so someone might be around to sell you a rim. Now can we ask you a question...have you come through Dien Bien Phu? If so do you know of a bke shop there? We've had a bottom bracket breakdown, hoping we can find a bike shop in Dien Bien Phu, otherwise we have to bus all the way to Hanoi to get repairs!!

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Hey there, I swung by THBC

Hey there, I swung by THBC today with some other cyclists from Hanoi but was closed. I will have to hang around here at least till the 4th.

Sorry, I came down from Lang Son so I couldn't tell you about bike shops where you are at. Your case sounds pretty serious. Wish I could help.

Thank you so much for the info and hope things work out for you guys.

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