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Bicycle trip around the world

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Bicycle trip around the world

My name is Fred Bouwman and I am a Canadian citizen but lived in Thailand for the last year. In 2011, I spent 6 months in Tacloban, Philippines and volunteered for an orphanage there.

On November 5, 2013 I was in Tacloban to say good-bye to friends as I was planning a 2-year bicycle trip around the world. I was biking to raise funds for the Angel House Orphanage in Davao, Oriental, Philippines. I flew back to Bangkok and was ready to leave. On November 8th, typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban and instead of leaving on my bike trip, I returned to the Philippines and spent 6 weeks in Tacloban helping some families there. I raised money and we built 2 homes and I helped provide food and clothes for 8 families.

The need was so great that I decided to proceed with my round the world bike trip to help raise funds for the orphanage and the survivors of Yolanda. I started biking from Bangkok on January 15, 2014 and am currently 300 km from Singapore (it is now February 1, 2014.

My planned route is to Singapore and then Darwin to Canberra, Australia, then a circumference of New Zealand before flying home to Canada. I plan to bike from Toronto all the way down to Argentina and then fly to Lisbon, Portugal and bike across Europe, Central Asia, China and back into Thailand. I will end my trip in the Philippines.

I would like to stay with some people interested in helping. I love to meet new people and would really like to meet Filipinos around the world.

If anyone is interested in hosting me for a night, please contact me at my e-mail I am also on Facebook (Fred Bouwman and my profile picture is the flag of the country I am currently riding in). I also have a website at,