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Transport bike from UK to Turkey

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Transport bike from UK to Turkey

Hi folks,

Does anybody had experience with transporting frame from UK to Turkey?

Actually I really wanna buy a Thorn Nomad frame but new frame/bikes a bit expensive for me and I'm looking for used one on a forum and found couple of frames suitable for me.

So, I just cheked UPS and British Post office and prices about £280 but I also found frames about £200. I'm just looking for a cheaper way. Any ideas?


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cheap transport

What about flying there yourself on pegasus or one of the many cheap european airlines and just taking it back.

May also want to try this site. All Thorn owners.

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Shop in Istanbul

As you living there it would be recommendable to buy a frame at your place. You know surely the best shops. Don`t know what good frames you getting. For myself I know a lot of good frames here in Germany for prices about 400 €.

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