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Vietnam to China

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Vietnam to China

Hi fellow cyclists.

Soon crossing to Laos and going to Vientiane.
I have no plan written in advance but I guess I will be heading into Vietnam and from there north into China.
Anyone to give advices or great scenics routes, places, specially in China.
I am more of a mountain guy than a beach boy.

I hope you are all enjoying your rides.

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Vietnam - China

I came the other way, from China to Vietnam. I found the mountains pretty tough...

Not sure if it will help, but check out my blog for the route details:

Good luck


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Thanks Derek, I will have a

Thanks Derek,
I will have a look at your blog, all informations always help.

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Going to China

You may not like the beach, so hope you don't mind rain.

Been to China twice and love the place. There are so many great places. Even there are hotels everywhere you may occasionally you may have a tough time to get a room. Take a tent.
Take some kind of queue card with basic questions.
May i see the room?
How much is the room?
Just a some rice and and 2 vegetable dishes please.

Here is our 3 month china trip where we crossed back into Vietnam



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we just did a 2 weeks trip in

we just did a 2 weeks trip in northern Vietnam. Pick small roads (I used Google Maps material + GPS) to experience plenty of mountains and very few cars/traffic.
In China I'd stick to the west (Sichuan/Yunnan) to see plenty of mountains and few people.

Vietnam and China are both countries without a lot of English skills.
In the rural areas it can be tough to get some food (no restaurants).

In China are way more cars. If you use roads, stick to the X roads or from Google maps the white or grey ones. I cycled often in China and survived highways as well - but it's just not nice.

If you have special questions, just shoot. :)

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