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Route suggestions please Istanbul-Alexandroupolis

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Route suggestions please Istanbul-Alexandroupolis

I'm off to Istanbul and wish to pick my camping gear up in N.Greece.Any suggestions or experience on the route between these two places Istanbul to Alexandroupolis.
It would be really helpful as I have limited resources here to map out a decent route if one exists obviously a pleasurable one,hills are good traffic not so good. Thanks in advance.Ray

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Istambul Alexandroupoli

Hi Ray,
I planned a trip from Istambul to France beginning the 20th of April.
My choise was to take the ferryboat from Istambul to Yalova and the cycle along the South Sea of Marmara till Canakkale. Then, I take a boat for a short distance to Europe & Alexandroupoli via Gelibolu, Kesan and the coast.

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I will have a look at your route and see if it is an option for me.
I want to collect my camping gear from I may bus that section and head south from there?may see you on the road??

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