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Advice needed for 2014 European trip Paris - Geneve - Marseille - Monaco - Milan

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Advice needed for 2014 European trip Paris - Geneve - Marseille - Monaco - Milan

Hey guys

On June 16th 2014 I will start my second European tour. It will start in Paris and end in Tallinn, Estonia and will cover between 4000-5000km, the route is not fully decided yet. I will mostly be travveling alone but for the first 3 weeks one of my good friends will be joining me.

I am specifically looking for advice for the French and Italian part of the trip as this IS decided.

Paris - Geneve - Marseille - Monaco - Milan

Paris to Geneve seems straight forward and we would expect to be there in 4 days. We have to be Milan for the 4th July as my friend is flying back then

Has anyone travelled part of all of this route and could you offer any advice. My biggest concern is the part from Monaco, over the alps and into Cuneo. I am used to travelling large daily distances (180km+) but in Denmark it is completly flat so I am concerned about the Alps and road conditions, especially on the E74 road starting north of Monaco and going to Cuneo. Is this road safe for cycling on? It seems the flattest way but when I use various websites to plan a cycle route they divert off to the right making it much longer and much hillier. Has anyone cycled this route?

My second concern is cycling along the south of france in late June due to the heat and amount of traffic on the roads, is it adviseable?

also if are stopping by your town/city along the way and you have a place to stay for the night this would also be most welcome, or if anyone is going to cycling part of this route at the same time please let me know

thank you in advance

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trip in France


Between Geneve and Marseille you can take the Eurovelo 6 (through Lyon, or another possibility through Grenoble - good bike road between Grenoble and Valence). The road is not yet finish everywhere, but it is a nice itinerary for bikes.
If you like you can stay at home (near Valence), if we are available...


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Hi Marc Thank you for your

Hi Marc

Thank you for your reply. If time allowed we could like to visit Lyon but we will proably have to find the shortest/kindest comination of routes so that we could be in Marseille 4 days after leaving Geneve. I will research more on the Eurovelo 6 but Grenoble sound like a better option for us

We leave Geneve Sunday 22nd June so would be in your area on the Tuesday night? If that is an option please let us know

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Yes, Grenoble is the shortest

Yes, Grenoble is the shortest way.

I have done this road by bike last year. You can find my way by this link :

Unfortunatly, we will not be available on Tuesday 24th. I have a conference in Valence about my last bike trip in Africa.

Sorry I made a mistake. It is not Eurovelo 6, but VIARHONA :

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Merci Marc concernant

Merci Marc concernant ViaRhona ! je vais la faire

Si jamais t'es dans les parages de Genève, be my guest

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There is a new route via rhona for Geneva to almost Marseilles which is not too bad. Just done most of it. Ve3ry hot to 35 degrees and in Province the geography is more of a challenge.

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