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Looking for place in Istanbul. And the route to iran

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Looking for place in Istanbul. And the route to iran

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Salamalikum, I am Chinese , Five months ago , I rode my travel bike from South Africa , and then I crossed the Africa , we passed mosanbiq , malawe, tansangnir ,keneya, aisaiepia ,Sudan , Egypt , now in cairo.and next country is turkey , I will cycle from turkey to china, my route is turkey , Iran , Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan ,etc.i will be in Istanbul between 25 to31 April,this month, you can search Guangda Su on Facebook , and know something about me,on the road , every day we camping in schools. I have sleepingbag, camping tents, cookers, in Istanbul, I need have a visa to Iran , so should be about 5 days in there? Can you support me a place to camping ,and I can share Chinese food and pictures on the road, smile:),thank you so much.
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anoter question:do you which road is better to iran,along the black sea coast? What about camping ?

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to Iram


I cannot recommend to follow the road along the coast, where the slopes are sometimes very steep (up to 15%).
I rode on the D 100 along Gerede, Toya, Erzican, Erzurum to Dogubayazit. There are 2 - 3 passes with more than 2000m, but a smooth slope.

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