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Hi you out there....

I am thinking of crossing the most western border crossing from China to Mongolia.
Has someone done this and can give me any advice?
How did it work out with the visa and registration issue ?
Would like to know more about this possibility. I will cross into China from Kirgistan maybe in about 6 weeks....

All the best, Heike

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Hi Heike, if its too late or

Hi Heike,
if its too late or not ...
the border crossing "Takashiken-Bulgan" is the one of the few international crossing to/from China and only one in the west (to Xinjiang).
I've talked with some cyclists who crossed here, ... its quite easy, not much traffic and cycling friendly compare to the the main crossing "Erlian-Zamiin Uud".
As a german (or now for most europians too) you don't need visa to inter Mongolia.

i hope it hepls ...

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