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Biking in NZ

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Biking in NZ

Hello everybody
I'm looking information for biking in NZ, it's better rent or buy a bike? In case to rent where can I find places to rent.
We are two and our plan is to go one month in november.
We are from Tierra del Fuego and maybe is tooo complicated carry 2 bikes from here to there.
All ideas are welcome!



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Here is one link which may be

Here is one link which may be of use if you are looking to tour the south island.

and one for the north island

Just make sure what sort of cycle you will be getting to rent to make sure it is a suitable cycle for touring. The same applies to the panniers you hire. I have had no personal experience of these places.
It may be a good idea to bring your own saddles and pedals for comfort and have them fitted to your bikes.

Buying a bike for touring is rather expensive unless you go for a cheap mountainbike, in which case you will not have the attachment points for racks. It also takes a little time which eats into your touring time which is limited.

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Biking link

Hi Natalie

you might want to try this link and check their offers for renting a bike. I planned a New Zealand cycling tour Bluff-2-CapeReinga in 2011. The folks at NaturalHeight were very helpful and skillfull. I could even arrange to pick up the bike in Invercargill and later drop off in Auckland.

As an aside: be extra cautious cycling on New Zealands roads. New Zealand is a fantastic country with friendly people (I used to live there for a while). However, car drivers are not known to be very considerate to cyclists on the road.

Safe cycling


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