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different calculation of responsiveness?

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different calculation of responsiveness?

hi, i have a proposal concerning responsiveness.
If I'm correct, this is calculated on the basis of replies to any message?
So if you want to keep your score up as a host, you always have to be the last one reply-ing in a conversation.
This leads to awkward e-mails. Like the people who made the request have said 'over and out' and I need to reply with 'ok' to keep the score up.
I have seen some entries of people not agreeing with their responsiveness % and think this could be the result of your way of counting.
wouldn't it be better to just count whether an initial response was given?
best, Anne

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I think any system would not

I think any system would not truly reflect responsiveness - or, putting it another way, having a 75% rate is probably a really good rating.

I say this because early on, I got a message from a cyclist and he had put his cell phone number in the message. I had received the message via email and replied via text to his cell. We texted about six or seven times to make arrangements.

Later on, I noticed that I was marked as not responding to messages. I felt really bad at first because I thought I had missed something but actually it was just the way that the system works.

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Yes I did the same. Didn't

Yes I did the same. Didn't bother to log on just communication via text and emails on my phone.

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It already works like that.

It already works like that.

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Response rate calculation

Actually, the responsiveness is calculate SOLELY on the FIRST response to the FIRST contact. In a sense, I suppose that means the "last" message if you only have one exchange, as in:

Potential Guest: "I'd like to stay with you tomorrow ."
Potential Host: "Sure."

That is all we count for the purposes of the Responsiveness Rate.

Any further responses ARE NOT part of the calculation.


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Ok, thnx! Sorry for the confusion :-)

Hi guys,
Ok thanks! Sorry for the confusion. I managed the requests from my e-mail account and probably missed one. It was pretty busy a few weeks ago.
Case closed, have a nice summer (or winter, depending from your place on the globe :-)

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So just send a simple reply after phone contact to formalize...

So if you answer a request by text messaging or calling, just send a simple reply after the phone contact to confirm and formalize...

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I'm not good at responding

I'm on this site and couchsurfing, and some other lists too, and I don't have time to ck everything every day. I have instructions on my profile about how to best contact me (phone/text/email/couchsurfing), but some people still request thru WS, so I have a 49% response rate. Oh well. I'm not wanting for guests!

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