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Which route to do around the Balkans? No rush, zigzag allowed.

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Which route to do around the Balkans? No rush, zigzag allowed.


We are cycling around the world and we have spent the last 7 months traveling around Western/South Europe.

We are in Italy at the moment and thinking which route we could take around the Balkans. I don't know much about this region, I have only been hitchhiking in Croatia before, and I would love to visit all the rest of the countries around there (Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia). After that we will continue to Turkey.

I don't want to make a huge research about what to visit or see in each country, because I don't like knowing all I am gonna find beforehand. I am not much into sightseeing, not interested on museums. I want to get a taste of the cities, but mostly about the people, the culture and the particularities of the nature around.

We are wild camping (I know, I will have to be careful about mines in Bosnia, somewhere else to be careful?) and staying with people along the way. We have a short budget, around 5€ a day, so no payed accommodation, no tourists entrances and no restaurants.

Which route would you recommend? Thanks!

PS. More about our trip on our web: